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FERIA SANTA 2010 Santa Margalida Mallorca Baleares MARGALIDA

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The FAIR Santa Margalida 2010, this 2010 is celebrated on 27 and 28 March. Traditionally, the program of the Fair, will be launched on Friday 26th afternoon. Until then, the memory should bring us back to the events experienced in previous years. Bonsai, neighborhood and commercial tents, exhibits of livestock, agricultural and industrial, are almost certain the contents of this event 2010. Always book the surprise factor with which each year will delight the audience.
Date   De 27 Marzo 2010 a 28 Marzo 2010
Location   Santa Margalida (Mallorca)
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Linea TIB a Santa Margalida
TIB line to Santa Margalida
Capo en Santa Margalida 2
Capo in Santa Margalida 2
Campo de Santa Margalida 3
Campo de Santa Margalida 3
Campo de Santa Margalida 4
Campo de Santa Margalida 4
Campor de Santa Margalida 5
Field # 5 Santa Margalida
Capo de Santa Margalida 6
Capo Santa Margalida 6
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16 Abril 2011-17 Abril 2011
FERIA SANTA MARGALIDA 2011 Mallorca Islas Baleares
(0 asistentes)
Santa Margarita
15 °C
Lun Mar Mià Jue
23 °C 25 °C 26 °C 29 °C
11 °C 12 °C 12 °C 13 °C
Domingo 19/05/2019
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