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Mallorca Gardens Alfabia Arab House Gothic Renaissance Baroque Rococo Romanticist

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Alfàbia is a set of house, garden and orchard located in Bunyola, in the midst of the Sierra de Tramuntana. The history of the house and gardens and is documented in a time of Arab domination. Initially the houses of Gothic type, with a strong rural character and fortified structured around an enclosed courtyard, incorporating a tower in the sixteenth century. The great eighteenth-century reform Alfàbia endowed its baroque elements, the most defining its current configuration. This reform involved a substantial extension of the original houses, providing them with a new layout and decoration but keeping the house concept. In the second half of the nineteenth century there was an important new intervention that modified some of the earlier reforms.




  Carretera de Sóller, Km17, 07110, Bunyola (Mallorca)

Car Parking


Access for disabled



  Del 1 de abril al 31 de octubre: lunes a sábado, de 9.30 a 18.30h. Del 1 de noviembre al 31 de marzo


Eventos donde participa
La Fira i el Firó A Sóller Maig Mallorca moros i cristians Fires i Festes Maig 2013 Fires i Festes
Lugar   Soller, Sóller (Mallorca)
Fecha   De 04 Mayo 2013 a 26 Mayo 2013
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  lince 21 Mayo 2011 05:09

uno de los mejores planes y sitios para disfrutar de la naturalezay tranquilidad en mallorca

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Jardines de Alfabia
Alfabia Gardens
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