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Cala Mesquida Beach Virgin beach with waves and nudist Arta Mallorca Cala Ratjada Capdepera

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Cala Mesquida beach waves and unspoilt beach nudist Mallorca Cala Ratjada Capdepera Artà Waves Cap des Freu

Cala Mesquida is one of the most desirable and exclusive locations on the island of Mallorca, has a high occupancy rate, is a resort in a natural environment of Mallorca.
It is a beautiful beach of fine sand and turquoise waters surrounded by dunes and pine forests where a stream flows, is a beach that remains untouched. It is only 6km from the popular resort of Cala Ratjada.
It is a tradition for the people of Capdepera celebrate Sunday dunes angel in Cala Mesquida. It's one of the nudist beaches of the area with infrastructure and service ends in a dune system highlights the Gros Munt dune is populated by pine and mastic

Cala Mesquida was one of the favorite places for landing contraband snuff and coffee in the 40s, there is now a civil war shelter next to the beach. Its name comes from the nearby possessió sa Mesquida de Dalt. Cala Mesquida, Cala Molto and Cala Cala Mesquida Agulla From highlights Jaumell Son Mountain, in its top there is an old tower defense XIV century.
One of the most prized routes for hikers is to climb to the tower from the road that begins in Cala Mesquida, you can also go for a way to Cala Agulla. If you like waves, this beach and certainly Calas de Mallorca are your favorite beaches in Mallorca. Cala Mesquida was declared in 1991 Area of ​​Special Interest in the Parliament of the Balearic Islands.

To get two choices: go Capdepera county road or on foot from the beach of Cala Agulla, through the pine forest, following the path set. This beach is 300 meters long by 130 meters wide. It's one of the nudist beaches of the area with infrastructure and services and has a high occupancy rate.
The beach has several hotels, as it is a tourist enclabe northern Mallorca. Access: Easy on foot Length: 300 meters Width: 130 meters Occupation: High Waterfront: No Composition: Sand Type: White Bathroom: Strong waves Funding: No Nude: Yes Hits marked: No rescue Signals: Yes Parking: No Hits urban adapted for disabled: No Toilets: No Showers: No Payphones: No Bins: If rental umbrellas: no Deckchairs: If Kiosks: Yes Cleaning Services: Diving Zones: No Bar / restaurants. Parking. Sunbeds and parasols.
When surf is an ideal beach for surfers and scuba divers

You can anchor off the beach 5 meters deep with a sandy bottom, is very open to the winds.
Cala Mesquida Capdepera Address (Islas Baleares / Balearic Islands) Nearest Hospital Hospital of Manacor Manacor Ctra Address to Port d'Alcudia, No. 1.

Cap des Freu Manacor, Mallorca Mallorca Nature Reserve Cap des Freu is a nature reserve about 12 acres Mallorca belonging Llevant Nature Park. Dune sets, torrents of water and the sea environment form a set of great ecological value. The vegetation is dominated by oak, Aleppo pine and wild olive. On the cliffs and upland species are endemic to these areas. There is a large community of birds, some endangered, saithe, blackbirds, gulls, cormorants, peregrine falcon, osprey, kestrels. There are ways to look at this book which is common to find wild goats even in the very beach of Cala Mesquida. The reserve is Freu Cap is appreciated for hikers and nature lovers, from the top of the mountain are Jaumell can see spectacular views of Cala Mesquida and Cala Agulla. Athletes of the mountain paragliding are used for flights over Jaumell is Cap des Freu and then landing on the beach of Cala Mesquida. On the climb takes about an hour to reach the tower.



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  Cala Ratjada, Cala Ratjada (Mallorca)

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