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Portals Vells

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Sa Caleta de Portals Vells is a small unspoilt beach, 20 m long by 100 m wide. The bottom near the beach is sandy and quite flat, calm waters are what makes this an ideal place for children. It is also a good place to dive with a simple mask and fins. This area is covered by a thick pine forest. Opposite the beach, outside the boundaries of the protected area is the residential area of ​​Sol de Mallorca. This whole area offers many possibilities for excursions along the cliffs or through the pine forests. To the right are the remains of the Moorish tower, built in 1580. To get there you must walk about 200 m to the right from Sa Platgeta Portals Vells. Sa Platgeta Portals Vells is a virgin beach 60 m long and 70 m wide, with fine white sand. It has sandy bottoms except the right margin, almost flat. What makes it a perfect place for children. During the summer, especially on weekends is a popular beach. Walking has





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  portal vells, Calviá (Mallorca)

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