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05 Marzo 2010 05:23

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Along with the feast of the Day of the Balearic Islands, with a calendar full of festive events and joy that produces the conclusion of the constitution of the Autonomy of the Balearic Islands, could not miss ´salt´. In similarity to when making a boilers, salt to taste put your point of cooking. Well, the political class has been determined to dress these feast Balearic Islands, with its component rather than joy announces a season of setbacks in the social evolution of the community. The videos are included, speak for themselves, concerning comments.

For the year 2011, Web pages was collected the following note:
Dia de les Illes Balears 2011
Posted by Pidelaluna on February 21, 2011
On March 1 is the Dia de les Illes Balears. This is an event in which institutions invest time and resources and for many residents each year becomes the excuse for a nice family trip the Llotja, Born, the Passeig Sagrera, Plaça de la Drassana and border areas, where they often hold the most relevant events of the event.

Like many of us know and explains the web mallorca.com (which belongs to a private company and may have outdated information), ´this celebration lasts for several days, although the main day is on March 1, lively throughout community. There are a number of complementary activities, such as: child and youth activities in the Paseo ´Guillem Sagrera´ (storytelling, theater, musical performances, etc), awards ´Ramon Llull´ and the medal Gold in the Balearics, harness racing (both at the track ´Son Pardo´ as in Manacor), numerous sports at the sports center ´Princes of Spain´ (including demos, training, swimming, water polo, rock climbing, badminton , tennis, soccer, basketball, etc.), activities related to the sail at the Club Nautico Can Pastilla candle and the National Sailing School ´Calanova´ etc. .... The main activities of this festival are built around the ´Consulate of the Sea´, located on the Paseo Marítimo (The Llotja) (these days, you can enjoy the open houses on it). The first is the ´Mostra dels Pobles de Mallorca´ developed in Paseo del Borne. The second is the Medieval Market, which runs from the Place de la Drassana ´to´ Plaza Ataraçanas ´, passing by´ The Llotja. ´Finally we can find a´ show ´of the various regional houses present in Mallorca , with a tasting of the most popular foods from each region to represent and various performances with the different dances and music typical of the regions. ´

Question 1: Why, if the event is held each year, and only miss 10 days, to February 21 has not yet been published on the same program? Maybe this year will be held only one of three activities, or any news that would be worth dramatically portrayed.

Question 2: Why not take advantage of this magnitude an event to attract tourists in an attempt to seasonal?

Question 3: I´m sure many residents also ´newbies´ and not so newbies would appreciate being apprised of the moves on the island, as well as foreign residents, agencies and travel events, customers thereof, etc. It would not be possible to communicate events such as Dia de les Illes Balears or Nit de l´Art at an earlier stage, giving private companies and individuals the necessary information to plan their participation in them, whether for commercial or personal leisure?

Going further, one could not design a strategy for revitalization of Mallorca seasonal and also based on these events? And of course, decide to measure results with quantitative and qualitative criteria if it is worthwhile re-devote the same resources in future editions?

I believe that institutions should be the first to implement the measurement of the impact and ROI of events, public relations campaigns and activities that promote all funded by public money, it would mean being able to explain why it has made a particular decision, what tangible and intangible results obtained, and why we must continue with the same strategy - or to change course. And I think if Palma is full of people native / resident and a tourist caught in the Dia de les Illes Balears or Nit de l´Art, you have to leverage resources and synergies to attract tourists to certain profiles.
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