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The municipal government´s political will in this legislature is imposing on the rest of the ´political opponents!, Who share the City of Cort.
There have been many government initiatives in this term that Cort has been promoting and implementing changes in the way of city living, walking and moving ..
Such is the discrepancy that last is known that the city of Palma has been rectified and do not charge users of the new public bicycle service called Bicipalma or collection of five euros for registration nor also possible 50 fee cents per half hour that exceeds the first 30 minutes free for up to two hours, was postponed until ´later this year, ´ according to Deputy Mayor of Transportation and Public Safety, José Hila. Consequently, not until after the elections next May, and with a new consistory, when both begin to charge five dollars for registration as the rates provided.
BICIPALMA, as one more way to go, and is due for launch in the midst of great political turmoil.
On March 28, 2011, became operational BICIPALMA service, which in principle makes Test.
With a more simple terms, is launched this service.
What is Bicipalma?
This is a new urban public transport will become operational in Palma on the 28th of March. Bicipalma is a public bicycle system offers the public a group of bikes that can be used to navigate the city. It is a simple, practical and sustainable.
How is it used?
Take a bike
In Palma, the public bike work with the citizen card. To use this new public transport must register with the service. When the user wants to use Bicipalma should go to a station, the stops are on the map properly validate the citizen card reader terminal and take the bike to indicate the system.
Use-by trips daily
Bicipalma is a mode of transport to move from one point to another in the city, not a public system of bicycle rentals for tourism or recreation. It is ideal for shopping, for work or for short trips, among others. In 2011 work on the test period. Therefore, the first 30 minutes are free. If you exceed the 30 minutes depending on user fees over time using the service. You may not use the service more than two hours. Doing so will be punished with fines of use.
Return the bike
When you finish the course, the user must leave the bike or in the same season or another. What should do in a season where there free anchors, which are indicated with a green light. Must ensure that the bike is well anchored. You will not need to retake the citizen card, unless you want proof of course he did.
The map shows the locations of the ANCHOR PARADE to be used as you intend.
Problem: If you do not need to swipe the card when returning the bike, how do you know the time of riding? How do you check the return?
The service will be operating 365 days a year with the following schedule:
Sunday to Thursday and public holidays: 07 to 22 h.
After 22 h only be returned the bikes.
Friday and Saturday: 07 to 24 hours
From 0 h only be returned the bikes.
Free and penalties
Bicipalma is not a public system of bicycle rentals for tourism or recreation. This is a new means of transport for short journeys are made ​​every day in Palma and a complement to public transport systems in the city of the EMT
If you assume as you read, the following is to register and for this clik and FILL THE HIGH .
You need to read The Structure of BICIPALMA on file, as the moment for 336 bicycles will be enabled only 5,000 seats.


  Bicipalma - BiciPalma


  San Juan de la Salle, n. 6,bajos. 07003, Palma de Mallorca (Mallorca)

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